The Crandall Patent Group is an innovative patent law practice dedicated to offering cost-effective patenting solutions and legal services while maintaining the highest standard of quality. We specialize in patenting computer, electronic, mechanical and medical technologies, and we strive to achieve prices that are extremely competitive in today’s global market. Moreover, our unique patenting style enables us to acquire relatively broad and valuable patent protection for our clients.

While our main office is located in San Jose, California, in the heart of the Silicon Valley, we regularly communicate with both foreign and domestic clients over long distances. This means that many of our clients are able to retain our services, and then continue to communicate with us, from remote foreign and domestic locations so as to obtain the expertise of a Silicon Valley patent law practice without having to leave the comfort and convenience of their homes and offices.

Client satisfaction is our primary concern. Please contact our representatives today to inquire about our current services and pricing and to schedule a consultation with a patent attorney who will understand your needs and concerns regarding the protection of your intellectual property.

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